发现为什么yaboAPP是 only 物业管理的选择


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PMI Green Country is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent customer service by maximizing owner profitability 同时保留他们在房地产上的投资. 在PMI绿色国度,yaboAPP让物业管理变得易于管理!

yaboAPP成功的关键不只是提供提示, 为业主提供友好和专业的服务 他们的租户, but also understanding that your property is an important investment in your future as well as ours. yaboAPP不仅努力增加您的资产的价值随着时间的推移, 但yaboAPP也会帮你设定尽可能高的租金 所以每个月你的投资都在增长.

The mindset of Tulsa Property Management Inc is one of a hands on common sense approach. 从管理你的财产到你的协会, we try hard to be fiscally responsible and to make sure every item we bid is the best value. We spend time overseeing projects to make sure the board or the homeowner is happy. Our mindset is to really hold us accountable to what we say we will do by making sure everything we act on is very transparent. We believe the more communication the better and we offer a streamlined approach to communication. yaboAPP也相信一流的服务在一个服务世界的卓越. We have observed most every industry out there to be less and less service oriented every day. We want to change that for property management and exceed all expectations of customer service.

肖恩·克拉尔是塔尔萨物业管理公司的所有者和主要所有者. He has over twenty years of owning rental properties as well as managing his own and other multi family homes. 他了解房主的需要. Often times, Shawn is sought out for his expertise of whether to buy or invest in property from out of state investors and he has experience explaining markets and price points in order for owning rental property and showing how profitable it can be. 他帮助你最大化你的利润, freeing up your time so that he can do the actual day to day operations of managing your property. Shawn realizes that property management is his passion and this is truly living his dream. Shawn bought the Property Management franchise in 2016 as he realized that this fast growing franchise was one that is cutting edge and could aid him in maximizing his own properties as well as properties of others. 肖恩在考维塔出生并长大, Oklahoma where he owns and manages several single family homes as well as a multi family complex.


Shawn Klahr

Shawn Klahr is the owner and operator of PMI Green Country located in 断箭,好. 肖恩长大了,现在还活着 在科维塔社区,好的. 肖恩从事物业管理已经超过20年了. 他有执照 自2012年起担任房地产经纪人,并于2019年获得经纪人执照.

Shawn purchased the PMI franchise in 2016 as he recognized the need for quality property management with a customer centric approach. Shawn started in property management years ago in the Tulsa area where he owned and managed his own rental units including single family 和多户型属性. He learned from trial and error on how to maximize rental income by being his own property manager. His own experience of trial and error has led to maximizing rental income and properly protecting owner assets.

PMI Green Country has been awarded the best property management company in Broken Arrow for 2017, 2018年和2019年. 肖恩和妻子谢丽尔 享受和家人在一起的闲暇时光. 他们也喜欢旅行和花时间在户外.

雪莉·莫拉莱斯是塔尔萨地区的终身居民. 她就读于俄克拉何马大学,主修政治科学.

Sherry received her Oklahoma Real Estate License in 2000 and Broker’s License in 2010.

She began her career in real estate with a position in an office specializing in property management, 上升到维护的头衔 协调超过300个属性. 在2000年代中期, she was given the opportunity to establish a property management division with a different real estate company that involved all aspects of property management including property acquisition, 客户端通信, leasing, accounting, 维修和销售. 在2018年加入PMI绿色国家之前, 她拥有并经营了一家房地产公司好几年 断箭,好.

Sherry resides in Coweta, OK with her family and loves to travel in her leisure time.

唐娜·瓦拉道(唐娜Valladao)在德克萨斯州的卢博克(Lubbock)长大,并就读于德州大学&她在M大学获得工商管理学位. 她搬到了俄克拉荷马州 和家人一起去追求她的事业. She brings a diverse background in business with her most recent role before PMI as a community 老人生活中心的经理. Donna joined PMI in early 2020 and brings a strong organizational management and customer relations skillset 对公司的. 唐娜以以客户为中心的方式对待业主、租户和客户而闻名. 当她不工作的时候,她在消磨时间 她的家庭在不断壮大,最近又添了一个孙子. 她还喜欢园艺、烹饪、组织和倾听 各种类型的音乐.

汉克•Henningsen CMCA®

Hank Henningsen在HOA有超过21年的经验, Condominium, 联排别墅和混合用途社区管理. 他20岁出头就开始了 科罗拉多物业管理集团,总部位于科罗拉多州奥罗拉. In the beginning of his career he specialized in high-rise condominium complexes 在丹佛市中心较低的地区. After receiving the CMCA® (Certified Manager of Community Associations) and AMS® (Association Management Specialist) 社区协会协会颁发的证书, he owned and operated an HOA Management Company for many years in the Denver Area. 他的公司专门从事较小的协会, because he found that small HOAs presented interesting challenges and very few existing companies would agree to provide professional services to some of these great communities. 在科罗拉多的时候, 汉克监督了数以千计的设备, 并管理着价值超过3亿美元的实物资产. At one point, he was the only advisor for HOA Management processes for the Tom Martino Troubleshooting Network. 在此期间,他为董事会提供建议 全国各地的导演. …

Currently, he is the only HOA Manager working in Oklahoma who holds both the CMCA® and AMS® Designations.

加入PMI绿色国家团队以来, he has helped bring the HOA Management Division to the level of service and professionalism 这是一家获得国家级奖项的公司应该做到的. 他接受过两年半的HOA管理方面的继续教育 , and his credentials are recognized in every state in the continental United States. 俄克拉荷马州的HOA行业还处于起步阶段 与全国其他地区相比, and Hank has been instrumental in educating his boards of directors in the best practices used 其他州的协会.

劳拉Zinter来自斯普林菲尔德, 她在密苏里州的德鲁里大学学习广告和公共关系.  她搬到了俄克拉荷马州 with her husband nearly 20 years ago and has made Broken Arrow her home along with their two young children.  在她的职业生涯中,她曾在市场营销、银行和房地产领域工作过. 

These diverse skills made her a wonderful addition to the growing PMI Green Country team. 自2020年开始,她已经完成了 M100,并正在争取CMCA的称号. 她目前与董事会成员一起协助会议和协助HOAs 实现一个繁荣社区的目标. 在她的空闲时间,她喜欢阅读,旅游和花时间与家人.